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As a social studies educator, you are responsible for teaching students the content knowledge, discipline specific thinking skills, and civic values that are vital for fulfilling the duties of citizenship in a participatory democracy. Our task as the Kansas Council for the Social Studies is to provide leadership, service, and support to make your job easier.

So we've redesigned our site to highlight teacher resources such as lesson plans and web sites, membership details, annual conference information, and updated social studies news / announcements. We're also excited about our Doing Social Studies KCSS blog and social media tools - our hope is that you will use all of these resources to connect with others and to improve social studies instruction in Kansas. We're looking forward to working with you.

Have questions or comments? I would love to hear from you!

Jill Weber
KCSS President

"Nacho" Average PD is Coming 12/3 - save the date!

We don't really need a reason to celebrate the end of a long week. But when we get the chance to hang out with other social studies teachers, the celebrating is that much better!

So we're busy making plans for free "Nacho" Average PD meetups at three local breweries across the state!

There's no real agenda - just the chance to connect with others. We'll grab a cold beverage or two, share war stories, chat about best practices, and generally have a good time.

Drop in any time. Stay as long as you like.

Find your nearest KCSS friendly pub and we'll see you there!

Date and time:

  • Friday December 3

  • 3:30 - 5:30


  • Lawrence
    Fields and Ivy Brewery, 706 E 23rd Street

  • Wichita
    The Monarch, 579 W Douglas Ave

  • Topeka
    Iron Rail Brewing, 705 S Kansas Ave

State Assessment & RUbrics rolling out

The Kansas state assessment and scoring guides have evolved in preparation for the required field test in 2021-2022. Focusing exclusively on Benchmark Four, the KSDE Class-Based Assessment asks students to demonstrate their ability to make a claim using evidence to support that claim.

Earlier rubrics versions have also been revised with the goal of making the scoring more consistent and streamlined.

Get additional details about the assessment schedule and download rubrics at the KSDE social studies assessment page.

Contact Nathan McAlister, KSDE Social Studies guru, with specific questions.

Advocacy Toolkit

Today's Social Studies: Creating Effective Citizens

That's what we do, and our task is essential to maintaining an effective democracy. However, not everyone understands this. Working together, we can create greater awareness of the important work each KCSS member does every day.

There's no group better suited to be advocates for the social studies profession nor better equipped to communicate the importance of social studies education than the National Council for the Social Studies, KCSS, and you.

You have the best understanding of social studies; you are in every corner of the state, and you can reach out to people throughout Kansas.

Use the resources from the NCCS ToolKit to promote social studies education in your district and community. Using this kit, you can influence key audiences locally. A partnership between the national office and local affiliates is the most effective way to deliver our important message.

There are two ways you can help advocate for social studies:

  • Become involved

  • Practice solid public relations each day of your professional career

Toolkit Contents:

  • Quick start guides

  • Tips for meeting with legislators

  • Contact information

NCSS Advocacy Resources: